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of senator george mcgovern, best known for running against president richard nixon and an anti-4 platform. >> as one whose heart has eight for the past 10 years of the agony of vietnam, i will hold the senseless bombing on and our role day. >> as a family spokesperson confirms senator mcgovern is in hospice care, unresponsive and there in the end of his life, we will play extended excerpts of the documentary "one bright shining moment: the forgotten summer of george mcgovern." it traces his historic campaigne presidency. >> that is the highlight of my life, i guess, winning the democratic nomination of the oldest political party in american history. i remember excited faces, people laughing and talking, some weeping. there was a lot of emotion and passion in that campaign. and i will take those memories with me the rest of my life. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in sacramento, california a. dozens of people were killed thursday when syrian warplanes bombed the rebel-held town of ma
moment: the forgotten summer of george mcgovern." as well as his latest project, the new documentary, "long distance revolutionary: a journey with mumia abu-jamal." >> [indiscernible] >> and no way out. freed american hiker shane bauer rights, "solitary in iran nearly broke me. then i went inside america's prisons." >> i spent seven months in a prison cell. i thought this was one be better than it is. this is one of eight in a pod. a little over 11 by 7 feet, smaller than any i have ever inhabited. >> shane bauer was held in solitary confinement in iran for four months, now his written a major exposÉ on shocking conditions of solitary confinement inside the u.s.. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in san rafael, broadcasting from the community media center. both the u.s. and iran are denying claims of having reached an agreement in principle for direct one-on-one nuclear talks. the new york times reported saturday a deal had been struck between u.s. diplomats and top iranian officia
to say, a complement i paid to your dad, george mcgovern was a good and decent man. [applause] >> former senate will oh honor george mcgovern. he died at age of 90 this past sunday which while he was best known for losing to richard nixon he also established the modern day food stamp program. he let the congress to the vietnam war and brought many well-known figures into politics for the first time including bill clinton. this is live coverage on c-span. snothe ♪ >> ♪ [captioning performed by ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, if you're able, please rise for the [ation of the coffin -- >> flag. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesus said i am the resurrection and the life, those who believe in me even though they die shall live. i am alpha, the begin linging tapped end, the first and the last. i died and behold i am alive forever more and i hold the keys of life and death. because i have live, you shall live also. friends, we have galingtered here to praise god and witness our faith as we celebrate the life of george mcgovern. we come together in grief acknowledging our human loss and we ask th
was considered a leader of the democrat's liberal party. the life and death of george mcgovern. >> and our fox 5 political analysts join us to break down the big issues. >> metro cuts the ribbon on dupont circle's new escalators. those stories are up next when the news continues. as governor, i cut fifive billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work together to restore fiscal responsibility grow our economy and create jobs. [ male announcer ] tim kaine. bringing people together to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. >>> the country tonight is mourning the death of former senator george mcgovern. he died this morning at the age of 90. he is known as a passionate democrat who served three senate terms. he also ran for president three times. most notably agai
] >> thank you, stephanie. tonight, we are here to celebrate the life of george mcgovern, a man many of us called friend, and a small group calls grandpa, dad, uncle, brother, or cousin. to all of the family members who loved him so deeply, thank you. yet shared hime with south dakota and the world, thank you. no that you are all in our g dknow that you are all in our hearts and prayers. when i think of george, i think of a man of uncompromising integrity who dedicated his life to serving our state and our country. as you read numerous prints this week, this is -- a universal memory. the south dakota symphony a few weeks ago. he was one of the last people to leave the auditorium at night as he took time to shake hands and talk with his many friends and supporters. physically frail, his love for people was as great as ever. like my brother, my mother, george was a preacher's kid. i recall from my mother's memory is that it was not always easy. george often talked about growing up not only as a methodist pk who could not attend movies, but also a child of the depression, living in a small pa
would be extraordinary. i well remember my first lesson in political leadership from george mcgovern. i had the opportunity to work in jim's campaign and go to washington and jim let me come back here in 1976. gang to know people. it was 1977 i had not yet announced -- i was at the state fair. the country was consumed in a raging debate about the panama canal treaties. as we were walking down the fairway a very angry crowd encircled george demanding that he explain his position on those treaties and change it. and threatening that they would work hard to defeat him in the next reelection if he didn't. george stood there and listened quietly. when it was his turn to talk, in a most recent, calm persuasive articulate way he shared with that group why those treaties were not only good for panama but what they meant for us. the crowd dissipated. as we walked back to the democratic booth i remarked that george, i can't help but note the contrast between that angry crowd and what you just did. he said i have learned a long time ago, it is a whole lot better to tell peop
the country. in a moment, a prayer service for the elite presidential candidate george mcgovern. he died sunday at the age of 90. then, a look at how the political campaign is shaping up in nevada. later, a debate between the u.s. senate candidates in ohio. >> you're watching live, one of 10,000 homes they are trying to get rid of. these are houses that are never coming back. >> one family every 20 minutes moving out. >> these houses are disappearing from the landscape. press just recently, 164 firefighters were laid off as part of the downsizing, as part of the effort for mayor being to get the finances under control. firefighters, which detroit needs because it must have the highest case of arson in the country, have got laid off. about two weeks later, miraculously, about 100 guys are rehired. when you look where that money came from, it is the department of homeland security. there is a fund for things like that. i cannot want to overstate, but that is something you want to think about. the department of homeland security needed to step in to keep detroit as safe as it could be for t
are gathered this evening to give thanks to god for the gift of the life of george mcgovern. we gather in this place of prayer to ask god to bring peace to his family and to each one of us present in this time of grief and loss. we gathered to remember the faithful and committed life, who shared his life and friendships with god, serving his country, and touching people's lives around the world. we gather to open ourselves to god's healing come through the gift of prayer, music, and the gift of story that combines our community together. this time i invite james doyle to open with a prayer. >> let's pray. my brothers and sisters, we believe that all the ties of friendship and affection which need us together throughout our lives do not unravel with death. confident that god always hears and remembers the good we have done and forgives offenses, in our grief, we turn to you. are you not the god of love who opens your ears to all? listen to our prayers for your servant, george stanley mcgovern. leave him to your kingdom of peace and count him among the saints in glory. lord, our redeemer
of this evening. as we remember your father, george mcgovern. there were times when we took your father way from new. sometimes we took her father and her mother. sometimes we needed to meld ourselves as unobtrusively as possible with your family. to you, he was your father, your grandfather, and great- grandfather, and a sister-in- law. to the rest of the world, he was an inspirational, dedicated, and honest public official. there are more than 24 senate staff members and callous campaign staff gathered here tonight. most of us have worked as volunteers for the democrats before we became staff members. we did this because we believed in the senator's vision. we admired his courage, and most will, we cared about the same kind of people he did. we shared a common interest in public issues in expressing them to the public and in helping promote the candidacy of the person we respected and loved. in november of 1963, i attended the convention of the national association of mental health in washington, d.c. our group met with the junior senator for south dakota, george mcgovern. he hosted us for lun
discuss the passing of a liberal lion over the weekend, george mcgovern. a conversation with adam nagourney of the new york times coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: adam nagourney is the l.a. bureau chief for the new york times following years as the paper's chief national political correspondent. good to have you back on this program. we finally arrive at a day i thought would never come. the debates are finally over. it just two weeks from election day. it has been a perennial campaign. let me start with a question that has been on my mind a lot. what do you make of the perennial, never-ending campaign? if you like mitt romney and lose four years
of the national conversation comes word tonight that senator george mcgovern has passed away. mcgovern ran for president twice. during his career, the senator was not afraid to speak his mind at all. >> george mcgovern was one of the most outspoken opponents of the vietnam war, and tonight he has been remembered for the impact he had on american politics. >> george mcgovern passed away early sunday morning at the age of 90. he is remembered as a proud liberal. mcgovern represented south dakota in both the house and senate. he also served in world war ii, a dedicated bomber pilot. he would go on to be one of the first to speak out against the u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. former new mexico governor bill richardson spoke today about mcgovern's impact on our country. demi -- >> very sad. i think he will be remembered for his contributions on agriculture, on hunger, and then the democratic party. he transformed the party, the primary system, getting minorities involved. >> most people remember mcgovern for his run for president in 1972 against president richard nixon. among the missteps
died. how the late george mcgovern figured into american history. >> the san jose earthquakes are about to break ground on a new stadium. and they hope to break a guiness world record at the same time. >> the first winter storm warning of the year. first let's see what happened over night. >> it's 7:30. sunday the 21st of act. october. >> he was dumping for prop 40. everything is heating up. two weeks to the election. we're going to talk about the presidential debate. the final one tomorrow and the one we saw last week. >> we'll sit down with willie brown. and i did a sit down with senator. >> there was a small earthquake over night. you may have felt it if you live in the south bay. but our top story this morning the 1972 democratic presidential nominee george mcgovern has died. >> his family says he died of a combination of medical conditions. he served in congress for more than 20 years. he lost the 1972 presidential election tory chard nixon in one of the biggest landslides in american history. mcgovern was 90 years old. we're going to take a closer look back at his career. >> with
for former democratic presidential nominee george mcgovern. the vice president's will be there for prayer service in south dakota. george mcgovern will eventually be buried in washington at rock creek cemetery in northwest. he died last sunday at the age of 90. animal rights activists taking aim at plans to reduce the deer population in rock creek park. >> they're asking a federal judge to block the kill. activists say that the population can be controlled with fences and contraception. thousands of runners getting ready to give the streets of d.c. and arlington for the annual marine corps marathon. >> they're putting the finishing touches on the signs and the stands before sunday's race. metro will open at 5:00 a.m. to help get the runners and spectators where they need to go. a number of streets in d.c. and arlington will be closed. complete list of all the closures are now web site, 4:50, 60 degrees. >> tim tebow is deali captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. jacqui jeras here with a cloudy start on this friday morning. a little fo
chartered officials in an attempt to seek a buyer. >>> former presidential candidate george mcgovern died sunday at the age of 90. the democrat, lost by a landslide to richard nixon in 1979 i don't matt jab blow talked with a woman. >> reporter: george mcgovern, when he died sunday morning, the country lost a lion of the political left. >> he was a crusader to end hunger. >> reporter: long time cbs news political analyst dottie lynch lost a presented. >> it is a sad day. >> reporter: lynch and her husband also worked on the mcgovern campaign, maintained a close relationship with the understated senator over the following 40 years scray he seemed good. he was a little bit more frail than the last time we had seen him but still traveling, going strong and very, very committed to a number of doess. >>> according to lynch, george mcgovern the person was exactly the same as george mcgovern the politician, a kind and smart man with a wonderful sense of humor i can't he was true to himself. >> lynch said mcgovern's legacy would of course included efforts on hunger. but more broadly she thinks go
down i know george mcgovern is in a better place. he's with eleanor and terri and steve. who knows, he may even be president. but for so many of us it is difficult to say goodbye. it was always comforting to know that he was around reminding us we can do better, making it seem possible we could end all wars, eliminate hunger and poverty and create a world where all god's children are respected valued and loved. in 1972 as a seventh grader in massachusetts i did what i could to elect him president of the united states which i remind you all he did win massachusetts. [applause] [applause] i was later an intern in his senate office and i had the privilege to work with the incredible staff he assembled in washington d.c. and south dakota, some of the finest people i have ever known. we weren't related it was just a co-incidence we both had the same last name. but people would tell me they were long-time supporters of my dad. and they always seemed shocked when i told them my dad owned a liquor store in massachusetts. i urged them to keep supporting him. for 35 years i have been honored to
's move to other news of the day. george mcgovern, a presidential candidate in 1982, has died. he vehemently opposed the war in vietnam. he entered hospice care last week near his home in south dakota. here's a look back at mcgovern's life and his legacy. george mcgovern lived a fascinating life. america's leading liberal came from republican parents. an out spoken critic of war who was a world war ii hero. he earned a phd in history and then went on to make history. mcgovern first went to washington in 1957, representing south dakota in the house and then later in the senate where he served 18 years. he was among the first to challenge america's involvement in vietnam. >> i resent the president rubbing this war on his election timetable. i don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lives. and that's what this administration has done. >> his opposition to the war would become a trademark. lesser known, his work helping to reform the democratic nomination party process, scaling back the role of processors and insiders and increasing the role of delegates. it's a
got the deer. >>> stale head, a local woman remembers the late senator george mcgovern and how he influenced her life. >>> plus this morning, a major renovation job is finished at one of metro's busiest red line stations. keep it here you are watching 9news now. ifrs >>> out on the weather terrace this morning, where we have temperatures in the 40s, thankfully the winds are light. we have lots of temperatures in the 0z this morning. jackets, maybe gloves waiting for the bus. >>> a good looking day ahead. we have sunshine all day long. by lunch time i expect readings to be pushing the 60-degree mark. this afternoon's high 72. i think we hit that around 3:30. still in the upper 60s and sunny. >>> 35 has been issue free this morning on the northbound side at duke street. as you can see, volumes are still fair on the 14th street bridge. there is an accident in maryland near route 198. metro officials will be at the dupont circle station. after more than 8 months, metro reopened the okay late tors this weekend. the old escalators were among the least reliable in the system. i'll be bac
. it's all that >> friends and family honored former senator george mcgovern at his human service friday in sioux falls, south dakota. nodakota. among the speakers were former senators tom daschle and gary hart. senator mcgovern died last week at the age of 90 at a hospice center in sioux falls. during his career, he led the opposition to the vietnam war it in the senate and again in 1972 democratic presidential nominee before losing to president richard nixon in the general election. this service runs about two hours. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesus said i am the resurrection those who believe in me even though they die yet shall they live. and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. i am alpha and omega the beginning and the end the first and the last. i died and behold, i am alive for evermore. and i hold the keys of -- because i live you shall live also. friends, we've gathered here to praise god and to witness to her faith as a celebrat
decision - senator george mcgovern... who rannfor president and lost to riihard nixon in 1972... has di. diee.the south akota ddmocrat diee a little after five sunday morning.... in sioux falls ... surrounded by his family and friends. mmgovern servvd three senate terms... nd ran or president three times. despite the waaergate scandal in 1972 ... &pmcgovern lost the ppesidentia election hat year to nixon in one of thh bigggst landslides innhistory.he was 90-yeaas-- old. pcmediennn and talk show host, ellen degenerrs receivvs the nation's top humor prize in washingtoo d.c.the kennedy center is awarding her the mark twainnprize for merrcan humor, tonight.othhr eeteetainers will deliver tributes to degeneres.past tina ffy, will ferrell and osby- steveemartin.theetribute will aii oo octooer 30, on p-b-s. tte tallest man in america... makes a very tall order. order.(beg. offpkg) "oh wow." -butt to-"how do they feel?" "feels like a cussion inside.. 3ovvr the eekend... igorr vok-o-vinsky stepped into a 25- thousand-dolllr pair of reebok designers sed laser ttchnology and molds...
fraternity to receive a major party nomination for president has died, talking about george mcgovern who passed away today at age 90. karen takes a look back. >> mr. nixon -- if which god forbid, mr. nixon and mr. agnew be reelected that may not be for four more years of senseless war. >> he was best known for opposing the vietnam war but george mcgovern's service to his country began decades earlier as a decorated bomber pilot in world war ii. he was inspired to enter politics after hearing advice stephenson's acceptance speech. mcgovern was elected to congress where he was -- he would later campaign against the vietnam war. that platform and his popularity within the democratic party vaulted him to the top spot in the 1972 presidential ticket. a campaign that was riddled with missteps. most notably his pick for vice president ed bennett he received electroshock therapy -- his pick for vice president illinois 10 admitted he received electroshock therapy. >> each one of us love the title of peacemaker more than any office in the land. >> however mcgovern found no peace from the private b
of senator george mcgovern.   >>> breaking news, former senator and one-time democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern has died. his family issued a statement saying he passed away at 5:15 this morning at a hospice in south dakota. bret baier takes a look back. >> i love the united states, but i love it enough so i want to see changes made. the american people want to believe in their government. want to believe in their country. and i'd like to be one of those that provides the kind of leadership that would help restore that kind of faith. >> reporter: george mcgovern will be remembered as an orator for peace and the candidate who lost to nixon. but his career was marked by massive improvements for rule americans in farming and increased awareness in the devastations of world hunger. >> if you grow up in the great plains, you have to live with the philosophy next year will be better. >> reporter: hailing from the plain state of south dakota, he was a quiet kid who found his voice in the high school debate team. his award winning speeches would serve him well when he was swor
with breaking news. george mcgovern, the three-team democratic senator who sought his nomination twice died. he entered hospice care earlier this week. state of the union's candy crowley talks more about this. good morning. a big loss for the political world no doubt. what are your memories of george mcgovern? >> he was a democratic candidate in 1972, ran against richard nixon, against the war. as you would call it at that time, the vietnam war drove all the politics, and george mcgovern, although he was an army fighter pilot during world war ii and won the distinguished cross, was an unabashed dove. he wanted the war ended right away, and he ran on that platform, and he got smoked by richard nixon. i was amazed looking back at the numbers in that 1972 race. 60.7% went to richard nixon. 37.5% went to george mcgovern, so it was -- that was quite a race, and quite a landslide for richard nixon, and the rest is history, as we say. george mcgovern was an unabashed liberal voice m u.s. senate. he was a gentleman -- i know that sounds a little strange in the harshness of politics, but personally i al
senator george mcgovern has died. his family made the announcement saying mcgovern died before dawn at a hospice in south dakota. a decorated bomber pilot in world war ii, he was elected to the house in the '50s and then to the senate in the '60s. he was a 1972 democratic nominee for president. he lost to richard nixon. george mcgovern was 90. >>> a newly released picture of fidel castro may put an end to rumors that he is near death. the photo shows castro with the former venezuelan vice president that he said was taken the day before. speculation has been surging in recent weeks about the former cuban leader's health. mops of it came after castro failed to publicly congratulate his closest ally, hugo chavez, on his election victory. >>> violent protests erupted in beirut after the funeral of lebanon's assassinated intelligence chief. general what seem al asan was killed in broad daylight in a car bombing on friday. he was a critic of syria's regime. some protesters are blaming syria are for the assassination around pointing fingers at the government. lebanon's prime minister, syri
george mcgovern. also today... the san jose earthquakes are about to brk ground on a new stadium, and . >>> we're looking back at the career of george mcgovern. >> also today, the san jose earthquakes are about to break ground in the new knew stadium and hope to break the guinness world book record. >>> we're beginning with mostly cloudy skies around the north. the clouds spreading south and guess what happens tomorrow. yeah, we'll have the details in a minute. first, let's so what happened. >> we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we're coming into the final stretch of the presidential of the state and of local elections. so we have everything from debate coverage coming up and we have your look at proposition 30. >> yes, governor jerry brown was in town yesterday. >> and you visited him. >> and we might be sitting and talking with republicans. >> yeah. >> a rare thing to happen in the bay area. >> we have a lot coming up. if you're making your way around the bay today, the reminder the san mateo bridge was closed and a 5.3 earthquake that a lot of people are talking
. >>> mad rush, mid-october and half of holiday shoppers have already started. and george mcgovern, tonight remembering a giant of american politics, liberal icon who ran against nixon, a towering voice against a vietnam war. >>> good evening, from the university of tampa where in this key battleground state on the eve of tomorrow night's final presidential debate, we're also unveiling our brand-new national poll numbers. we'll get to that. but first there is late breaking news to report. >>> another mass shooting has rocked an american community. this time at a day spa outside of milwaukee, leaving at least three people dead, four people wounded. a day-long search for the killer is now over. it's all unfolding near a mall in brookfield, wisconsin. kevin tibbles is there. >> reporter: lester, we now know that the man suspected of bursting into the day spa and opening fire earlier today has been found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police have just finished the news conference, they say the investigation is ongoing. hours after the shooting at the azana salon and spa, the suspect ha
motivated him or if he knew any of the victims. >>> george mcgovern's family will hold his funeral this coming friday. the former u.s. senator died early this morning at a hospice facility at his home state in south dakota. mcgovern's spent more than 20 years in washington before losing the 1972 presidential election to richard nixon. his family announced last week that he was suffering from several health problems. george mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> we checked the amtrak website and train service between chicago and detroit and it is still disrupted. this after several cars jumped the tracks this morning. in this video you can see the cars, they're leaning, but luckily none of them tipped over. 12 people were hurt but none seriously. >>> that is brand new video of syrian students protesting and starting fires in the streets of damascus. at least 135 people were killed in syria today including six children and eight women. the u.n. arab league envoy met with syrian president bashar al assad today. the envoy is trying to broker a cease-fire in syria before an important muslim hol
as the man who never gave up. long time senator george mcgovern has died. why he was against the vietnam war even though he was a decorated war hero. >> the presidential candidates preparing for tomorrow's final debate. women voters speak out about who they think have the better plans for women. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. george mcgovern -- who was e -- who was the democratic candidate for president in 2 -- has died. a decorated world war two h, mcgovern was a fierce oppont of the vietnam war, becausee nd what war could >>> former governor mcgovern has died. he was a fierce opponent of the vietnam war because he knew firsthand what war could be. he tried to make the watergate scandal his campaign issue against nixon but the liberal could not escape mistakes in his own campaign and wraeupbg wrangling in the democratic party. he was 90. >>> with two weeks left in the campaign, danielle knottingham shows us the focus of the debate. >> reporter: mitt romney
and grateful heart. >> jeff: former presidential candidate and leading liberal democrat george mcgovern dies at the average 90. bob orr has a look back. and fighting back, tony guida shows us a boxer's return to the ring doctors said he would never fight again. >> they told me i could never box. they tolted me i wouldn't walk proper. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor, for the second time in less than three months there's been a deadly mass shooting in southern wisconsin. it happened at a spa in the milwaukee suburb of brookfield. at least four people are dead, including the shooter. an improvised bomb has been discovered on the site. this follows the sikh temple shooting less than 20 miles away in august that took seven lives. here's anna werner. >> reporter: all afternoon police searched for the man who entered the azana spa in brookfield around 11 a.m. and shot 7 women inside then turned the gun on himself. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon and she was bleeding in the neck. >> reporter: police identified the suspect
this morning from the world of politics. former senator george mcgovern has died. the former senator from south dakota, his family announcing that the former presidential candidate died at a hospice in south dakota. former democratic presidential nominee, 1972. a this from the family we're getting this morning. at approximately 5:15 our wonderful father george mcgovern pass aid way peacefully surrounded by family and lifelong friends. he was 90 years old, and here's a look back at his life. >> george mcgovern led a fascinating life, he was an outspoken. he earned a ph.d. in history and then went on to make history. mcgovern first went to washington in 1957 representing sds in the house and later h the senate where he served 178 years. he was among the first to challenge america's involvement in vietnam i present the president the. i don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lies. >> lesser note, his work helping to reform the democratic party nomination process, significantly scaling back the party of roles and insiders an increasing the roles of caucuses primaries and deleg
to share with the sub breaking news. it was 40 years ago that george mcgovern became the democratic nominee. this morning he passed away at the age of 90. a family spokesman from south dakota confirmed that he passed away. he is followed by his wife eleanor. from 2009 the oral history, george mcgovern talking about his 1972 campaign and his career in politics. [video clip] >> how did you defeat him? >> i outwork him for one thing. i went back and forth across this country without ceasing for almost two years. i announced in january of 1972, which up until that time had been the accepted time to announce, i knew coming from a little state like south dakota with three electoral votes, i had to halt work him to win the nomination. i announced in early 1971. it was regarded as a freakish thing to do. the press paid much -- no attention to me for the first eight or nine months. always in the past candidates had announced in the election year. it enabled me to organize grass- roots organizations all across this country. just to do it quietly without much press attention. i remember working the st
. >> thank you. colleague i want to recognize two that have passed in the nation and george mcgovern and my first election then when i was paying attention to anything and his significance under the campaign in the country gave a lot of strength to millions of people in this country that still last today although people don't always see the results we expect. i want to mention the passing of russell means and from the american indian movement and from the bay area and his contributions to the united states is significant and the 60's and two individuals who have made a great difference in our nation's history. the other thing i am introducing today is a resolution. colleagues you may have heard reports in the media privacy related to the clipper cards. i think it's important -- can't make sure that people who are using clipper cards can be protected against any use of information about how where they go and the whereabouts are using the clipper card to make sure they're protected so i am intriewtion a resolution calling on the metropolitan transportation commission and we have consisten
and george mcgovern. he died yesterday at the age of 90. he won the 1972 democratic nomination to lose to richard nixon. he fought against the vietnam war. he spent his later years working to feed needy children and around the world. >> following a developing story. police are sorting out details of a mass shooting at a gay spot near milwaukee wisconsin. -- gay spa. radcliffe haughton was the suspect. his wife worked there. he was found finally behind a locked door. >> one suspect we believe is responsible for the shootings today is deceased. we believe it to be a self- inflicted gunshot. greg he had slashed his wife's tires two weeks before the shooting rampage and she had been four- your restraining order against. >> prince george's county investigators will be searching for new clothes in the murder of a high-school student. 18-year-old marckel ross was shot to death on september 11 while walking to school in capitol heights. >> investigators will talk with commuters and pedestrians to see if they saw anything that may help them find a person who killed the central high school senio
service for george mcgovern, the former democratic senator and presidential candidate died every weekend at the age of 90. it and what that live starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern. according to a new study by former commerce secretary robert shapiro, the influence of americans grew steadily from the 1970's and the last decade when income progress for most people stopped. he discussed the findings thursday at the nbn based in washington. there he is the current chairman. it is one hour and 25 minutes. >> edward luce of "the financial times" moderates the discussion. it is one hour and 25 minutes. >> welcome, everybody. -simon rosenberg. we are grateful that you came out here today. if we had done an event around polli,ng we would have a few more people, but we are lucky to have joining rob shapiro, the chair of our globalization initiative, our good friend edward luce, who is now the former bureau chief of "the financial times," now chief american commentator and is also a published author. he has recently written one of the more influential or at least highly commentated -- there was so much
news alert, everybody. former u.s. senator and three time presidential candidate george mcgovern has died. his family releasing a statement saying he did die peacefully this morning at a hospice in sioux falls, south dakota. he's best known for his landslide defeat against richard nixon in the neant 7 1972 presil election. he is also remembered as a tireless advocate for the poor and all of those in need. also a progressive voice that helped shape the democratic party and inspire a generation of democrats. mcgovern was a world war ii b-24 bomber pilot and served in the internet as wel senate fromr 18 years. george mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> but first, here we are. it is the final countdown and the final presidential debate upcoming. it may be the most critical night of the entire 2012 election. looming over it, of course, is the new fallout from the deadly terrorist attack in libya. good morning to all of you. i'm jamie colby. >> i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's election headquarters for this sunday morning. the obama administration's response to the attack on the u.s. consul
birthday. >>> some sad breaking news. former senator george mcgovern has died at the age of 90. mcgovern was a liberal icon. he ran for president in 1972. he lost in a landslide to richard nixon. we're going to take a look back at his long career in politics this morning. >>> also, we are just 16 days until the election. one day until the third and final presidential debate. this morning, so many questions. how will this big headline about iran play in the debate? and can this face-off shift the dynamic in what appears to be an extremely tight race? >> the timing so interesting on that one. we'll get to that in just a few minutes. >>> we'll begin, though, with that breaking news. the former senator and presidential candidate george mcgovern die d today at the age of 90. family and lifelong friends and >> he was surrounded by relatives and lifelong friends and george stephanopoulos looks back at his life dedicated to public service. >> i will haunt the senseless bombing of indochina on inaugural day. >> he was the first senator to oppose the vietnam war. calling it a policy of moral
show sesame street. >>> well, tonight we have news about george mcgovern. he is no longer responsive and is nearing the end. he was a democratic presidential nominee who lost to president nixon back in 1972. before that, he served more than two decades in congress. george mcgovern, 90 years old. >>> a judge has thrown out the most serious charge leveled against the pair of prince george's county cops now accused of beating a student at the university of maryland. now off the books that first degree assault charge the judge said there is not enough evidence for it but still facing the officers charges of second degree assault and misconduct in office. all this stemming from an incident caught on tape in 2010 when reginald baker and james harrison arrested a maryland student who was celebrating a basketball win over duke. >>> well, a judge has set the date for what could turn out to be one of the most closely watched trials in american history. it's the murder trial of george zimmerman, the man who shot trayvon martin. that trial date is set for june 10th of next year. now, zimmerman w
and friends keep vigil around george mcgovern. >> fall from grace. lance armstrong forced to step down from the leader of the cause he started. cage at 1stide the mariner arena. ava marie live when we come back. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. two problems >> good morning. this is a live view from skycam. 56 degrees downtown. increasing clouds in the sky. we're live at 1st mariner arena. who is ready for some cage fighting? we are getting ready for shogun to return. you're the promoter of this event. you're fighting in this defend. -- in this event. what can people look forward to? >> we have 11 flights on the card. you get to see the stars of tomorrow. we are a regional promotion. the show does over 5000 people. replaced three people in the ufc already. -- we placed three people in the ufc already. >> let's show some of the demonstration. >> this is a basic move called the lion killer. what you want to do is get my arm around my opponent's neck. >> look at that arm. it is like a python. >> then i will squeeze until he -- >> oh, my goodness. how would you come out of th
their final farewell to george mcgovern later today. services for the former senator will be held later this afternoon during a viewing was held thursday. joe biden attended. george mcgovern and died sunday at the age of a 90. >> 5:11, 62 degrees. the reason for the plummeting car prices. >> demons, zombies, how scary is your children's costumes? that >> now traffic and weather together. >> good morning. checking on their friend and morning commute. looking very nice. no problem spots to report. and the major road race checking out ok. 11 minutes on the inner loop. eight minutes on 95 northbound to the fort mchenry toll plaza. otherwise, around the area, 70 headed eastbound to the beltway, 71 miles per hour their past 29. on 97, 68 miles per hour. looking very nice and white march, and 95 northeast corner heading downward toward the beltway. and baltimore national pike, you can see the inner and outer lips are looking just fine. looks a things are moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now for a check of the buses and trains. [no audio] >> up near cape canaveral and t
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